South Africa Citrus Semi-annual 2010

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USDAGAIN.jpgSouth Africa ranks as number 12 in terms of world citrus production, but it is the second biggest exporter of fresh citrus fruit after Spain, thus SA dominates the southern hemisphere in terms of overall citrus. SA dominates total southern hemisphere citrus exports (62 percent market share) and in particular the grapefruit (93 percent) and oranges (75 percent) while the lemon sector is dominated by Argentina. South Africa‟s citrus is exported via the ports of Durban and Port Elizabeth or via the Maputo port. Sixty percent of citrus exports depart from Durban; thirteen percent of citrus exports to European markets use the Cape Town port and citrus destined for the Middle East is shipped through the Port Elizabeth port. The citrus export season for South Africa runs from May to September.

For marketing 2009/10, the citrus industry estimates that the total orange exports will amount to 942,797 MT while the grapefruit exports will be about 189,019 MT and the lemons exports will be about 134,850 MT.

Last year, the United States declared the magisterial districts of Boshof, Fauresmith, Jacobsdal, Koffiefontein, and Philippolis in the Free State Province; Christiania and Taung in the North West Province; and Barkly-wes/west, Gordonia, Hay, Herbert, Hopetown, Kenhardt, Kimberely, Namakwaland, and Prieska in the Northern Cape Province meet the criteria with respect to freedom from citrus black spot, and accordingly, the areas are recognized as pest-free areas for citrus black spot. On the market front, the South African citrus industry is determined to increasingly expand the marketing of its products across the United States to give consumers in all US states access to its high quality fruit and this year the industry will be aggressively marketing their products in the West Coast and the Midwest states regions of the US.

Linda Siphugu