South Africa - Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual

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Deciduous fruit is the largest sub-sector when measured in terms of hectares under plantation in South Africa. There are about 76,425 hectares of land carrying deciduous fruit trees in South Africa, as reported in 2011 Hortgro Tree Census. Of the deciduous fruit grown, about 32 percent are grapes (fresh and dried); the second most grown is apples at 29 percent; followed by pears at 15 percent; peaches (ten percent); plums (six percent); apricot (five percent) and nectarine (three percent). The official 2012 deciduous fruit industry statistics will be published in January 2013.
The Western Cape is the traditional producer of deciduous fruit, however, in the past two decades; the Northern and Eastern Cape, and Limpopo provinces have become increasingly large producers of deciduous fruit. In terms of production ratings for Southern Hemisphere, South Africa ranks number four in apple production and number two in pear production.

Corey Pickelsimer