Studies on Debittering of Sweet Orange Juice

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Sweet orange is the important citrus fruit crop grown throughout the world; it contributes 71 per cent of the total citrus fruit production. Fresh juice of sweet orange is refreshing, thirst quenching and energizing drink that improves health and nutritional requirements. It provides 45 kcal, moderate quantity of vitamin C, potassium, bioflavonoids and folic acid. Cost of processing and development of bitterness in sweet orange juice shortly after extraction is the factor for low consumption of sweet orange juices. This bitterness is caused mainly by a compound limonin in sweet orange juice. The bitterness caused by limonin is referred as delayed bitterness since it is not detected in fresh juice but develops gradually and slowly during storage or with heat treatment. Hence an attempt is taken to develop an economic process to reduce the bitter component limonin from sweet orange juice.

A.N. Siddiqui
D.N. Kulkarni
K.D. Kulkarni
M.Z. Mulla
World Journal of Dairy & Food Sciences