Sweet Cassava Growing, Yield and Harvest Indexes in Different Population Densities

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The adequate choice in different population densities of crops for improving the yield of available natural resources resulting in increase productivity and quality in the harvested product. The objective of this study has been to evaluate the influence on the plant population in the productivity of sweet cassava, growing IAC 14-18 and harvesting in different periods. Four population densities were studied, varying from 9,000 to 33,000 plants ha , in six harvest times, beginning in the fourth and concluding 24 months after planting. The 1 maximum productivity of 84.5 t ha was observed in the mass from the plants after 21 months. The best harvest 1 time for growing roots occurred at 19 months with a yield of 42 t ha . The 33,000 plants was the highest 1 population density ha that brought about the lowest harvest yield index (H).

Luiz Henrique Campos de Almeida
Eli Carlos de Oliveira
Édison Miglioranza
Teresa Losada Valle
American-Eurasian Journal for Agricultural & Environmental Science