Targeted insecticides to control Australian citrus whitefly (Orchamoplatus citri)

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The recent invader Australian citrus whitefly (ACW) is causing severe sooty mould problems on citrus varieties throughout Northland, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne and Hawke\'s Bay. Five insecticide programmes were applied to two orchards in Kerikeri and two orchards in Gisborne. Four programmes used foliar insecticide targeting adults in November 2009 (pymetrozine, diazinon, polyether modified polysiloxane or pyrethrin) followed by another targeting crawlers/young instars in December (spirotetramat, buprofezin, mineral oil or pyrethrin, respectively). The fifth programme was a single soil drench of imidacloprid in November. Reductions in ACW populations were achieved on trees treated with pymetrozine, then spirotetramat, diazinon then buprofezin or polyether modified polysiloxane, then mineral oil. These reductions were greater than those observed on untreated trees, pyrethrin-treated trees or imidacloprid-treated trees. Sooty mould on fruit and foliage was reduced with pymetrozine/spirotetramat, diazinon/buprofezin or polyether modified polysiloxane/mineral oil treatments at the sites where sooty mould was severe on untreated trees.

L.E. Jamieson
N.E.M Page-Weir
K. Pyle
New Zealand Plant Protection