Towards Controlled Atmosphere Storage for Honeycrisp Apples

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Although Honeycrisp can store well in air, it is generally recognized that loss of acidity can result in decreasing fruit quality over time. Therefore, there has been interest in developing controlled atmosphere (CA) storage regimes to maintain fruit quality for extended periods during storage. Our first attempts to store Honeycrisp in CA conditions demonstrated that development of disorders under CA could be devastating, but we carried out these trials without the now standard conditioning treatment of 7 days at 50oF. Successful CA storage has been reported for fruit grown in Nova Scotia (2.5% oxygen/2.5% carbon dioxide at 38oF after conditioning, but susceptibility of Honeycrisp fruit from other regions to disorders under CA conditions have led to reluctance on our part, and that of our colleagues in Ontario and Michigan, to make CA recommendations. Therefore, in the last two years, we have been focused on answering the question: “Can we safely store New York-grown Honeycrisp apples under CA conditions?”

Chris B. Watkins
Jackie F. Nock
New York Fruit Quarterly