Turkey: Citrus Annual 2009

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Production of all citrus fruits, except grapefruit, increased slightly in MY 2008 compared to MY 2007. In MY 2008, orange production increased by 9 percent and is predicted to continue increasing slightly in MY 2009 as well. Tangerine and lemon productions also increased in MY 2009. Grapefruit production decreased slightly in MY 2008 but it recovered significantly in MY 2009. In MY 2008 orange exports increased about 66 percent compared to the previous year. In particular, exports to Iraq increased about three-fold compared to MY 2007. Lemon exports also increased in MY 2008 and reached 350,000 MT. Even though lemon production is not predicted to increase in MY 2009, exports are expected to increase slightly. MY 2008 was not a very good year for grapefruit exports and this is predicted to continue in MY 2009 as well. Exports are estimated to decrease to 110,000 MT in MY 2009.

Ralph Gifford
Yasemin Erkut