Turkey Fresh Tomatoes

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Turkey’s climate has supported the growth of its fruit and vegetable sector and has led to its status as a major producer. As Turkey seeks membership in the European Union, fresh fruits and vegetables are among the commodities that will be most competitive in the European market.

During the January-April 2009 period, total tomato production increased significantly from the same period the previous year. Producers expect a 25 percent increase in yearly production due to more favorable weather conditions. Yearly production is estimated at 13,700,000 MT.

Total fresh tomato exports increased 19.46 percent to 205,890 MT in the January-April 2009 period. Russia is the top destination for Turkish fresh tomatoes.

Tomato production accounts for approximately 38 percent of all vegetable production in Turkey. Tomatoes can be grown throughout Turkey, but tomatoes for fresh consumption are mainly grown in the Mediterranean region, typically in greenhouses.

Rachel Nelson
Osman Cakiroglu