Turkey Raisin Annual 2009

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In MY 2008, Turkish raisin production recovered from MY 2007 levels and is estimated to have reached the exceptionally high level of 310,000 MT.

MY 2009 raisin production is projected at 280,000 MT which is the normal yield. The raisin growing area is projected to remain stable in MY 2009 at 85,000 HA. Seedless grapes generally are grown on small farms averaging about 1.3 hectares. It is estimated that nearly 65,000 growers produce seedless grapes in Turkey.

Turkey is estimated to consume about 30,000 MT of raisins for confectionary purposes. Low quality raisins are also used for distillation purposes in raki production (raki is a strong Turkish alcoholic drink).In MY 2008, due to abundant fresh grape crop raki industry’s demand of raisins have dropped to normal levels of 10,000MT.

TARIS announced the procurement price in MY 2008 as 1.3 YTL/kg. Currently the price in Izmir Commodity Exchange is around 1.9 YTL /kg.

Industry sources expect 30-35 % increase in final exports compared with the last year. Post estimates MY 2008 exports at 260,000 MT and MY 2009 exports around 250,000 MT.

In 2009, import duty for raisins has stayed stable at 54.9 percent for all origins based on the CIF value.

Currently USD 1.00 is around YTL 1.47 compared to YTL 1.20 a year ago.

Osman Cakiroglu