Understanding and using market information

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This Guide has been prepared to assist extension workers,and others in regular contact with farming communities, to advise farmers on how best to use market information. The Guide emphasizes the necessity to understand why farmers need information, how they can use it and benefit from its use, and what the available sources of market information are. Why prices change, both in the short term and the long term, how to interpret prices provided by a market information service, and how to calculate marketing costs between farmer and market are also covered. In addition, the Guide provides a number of practical ways in which extension officers and others throughout the world can work to improve their support to farmers’ marketing efforts.

  • Using market information
  • Obtaining market information
  • Why prices change
  • Interpreting prices quoted by a market information service
  • Calculating marketing costs
  • Using market information to get better prices
  • Using market information for production planning
Andrew W. Shepherd