Southeastern U.S. Vegetable Crop Handbook

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This handbook is comprised of up-to-the-minute, research-based information developed from research and Extension projects conducted throughout the Southeastern United States. The key idea behind this handbook is to provide you with a practical, single source resource that conveniently fits on your dashboard. It contains everything you need, including which varieties to plant, planting dates, fertilizer recommendations, cover crop selection and conservation tillage options, pesticide selection, grafting, fertigation, plasticulture, post-harvest handling, alternative pest management tools and suggestions, as well as many other topics.


  • General Production Recommendations
    • Varieties
    • Crop Rotation
    • Soils and Soil Fertility
    • Nutrient Management and Maximizing Production
    • Minimum Tillage for Vegetable Production
    • Cover Crops
    • Transplant Production
    • Grafting in Vegetable Crops
    • Disease Control in Plant Beds
    • Seed Storage and Handling
    • Plant Populations
    • Irrigation
    • Mulches and Row Covers
    • Pollination
    • How to Improve Pest Control
    • Beneficial Insects
    • Diagnosing Vegetable Crop Problems
    • Basic Principles of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)
    • Postharvest Handling
    • Optimizing Commercial Cooling
    • Cooling Methods
  • Specific Commodity Recommendations
    • Asparagus
    • Basil
    • Beans: Lima and Snap
    • Beets
    • Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Collards, Kale, and Kohlrabi
    • Carrots
    • Cucumbers
    • Eggplant
    • Garlic and Elephant Garlic
    • Greens: Mustard, Turnip
    • Leeks
    • Lettuce, Endive, and Escarole
    • Melons
    • Okra
    • Onions and Green Onions
    • Parsley and Cilantro
    • Parsnip
    • Peas: English/Garden
    • Peas: Southern
    • Peppers
    • Potatoes, Irish
    • Pumpkins and Winter Squash
    • Radishes, Rutabagas, and Turnips
    • Spinach
    • Summer Squash
    • Sweet Corn
    • Sweetpotato
    • Tomatoes
    • Watermelon
  • Pest Management
  • Calibrating Chemical Application Equipment
  • Registered Fungicides, Insecticides, and Miticides fro Vegetables
  • Resistance Management and the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) Codes for Modes of Action of Insecticides
  • Be Safe with Pesticides
  • Insect, Disease, and Weed Control Tables


Southeastern Vegetable Extension Workers (SEVEW) Group
Southeastern Vegetable Extension Workers (SEVEW) Group