Vegetables January 2011

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Fresh Vegetable Harvested Area Down 1 Percent From Last Year
Spring Onion Planted Acreage Up 14 Percent
Strawberry Planted Acreage Up 1 Percent
The prospective area for harvest of 11 selected fresh market vegetables during the winter quarter is forecast at 155,200 acres, down 1 percent from last year. Acreage declined for snap beans, broccoli, sweet corn, and bell peppers. Acreage increased for cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, and head lettuce. Area harvested for spinach and tomatoes remains unchanged.

Area planted for spring onions, at 32,400 acres, is up 14 percent from 2010. California, Georgia, and Texas increased planted acreage from 2010.

Strawberry area planted for the major States (California, Florida, and Oregon) in 2011 is forecast at 50,000 acres, up 1 percent from 2010.

USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service
USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service