Whitemouth Croaker (Micropogonias furnieri) Protein Isolate and Organoclay Nanocomposite Coatings on Shelf Life and Quality of Fresh-Cut Pear

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Edible coatings may contribute to extend the shelf life of fresh-cut fruits by reducing moisture and solute migration, gas exchange, respiration, and oxidative reaction rates, as well as by reducing or even suppressing physiological disorders. The objective of this study was to apply edible coatings from protein isolate of Whitemouth croaker with organoclay Montmorillonite in fresh-cut pear, throughout the storage of 12 days at 4±1°C, and assess their properties and verify the effectiveness of this coating as a barrier against the weight loss of pear, aiming to increase its shelf life. The different coatings applied with and without montmorillonite in freshcut pear were effective during the 12 days of storage. The CPI and montmorillonite coating applied to Fresh-Cut pear showed lower weight loss (4.68%), lower microbial growth and a smaller decrease of firmness, lightness and pH, and therefore showed the best results in coating of fresh-cut pear.

S. Pizato
J. A. Borges
V. G. Martins
C. Prentice
W. R. Cortez-Vega
International Food Research Journal