Who Runs the Cooperative Business? General Manager and Employees

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Management of a cooperative is often incorrectly thought of as including only the hired manager and his key staff. This is far from the truth. Cooperative management should be regarded as a team consisting of four elements - members (owners), board of directors (elected), the manager (hired), and other responsible employees (paid). Each part of the team has its own distinctive duties and responsibilities for performing management functions in a cooperative. This allows them definite, reserved rights in the ownership and control of the business. These important rights give them the privilege 01 taking an active part in the management of the business. To be effective, each must exercise these rights; otherwise they will have no voice in management.
Successful management of a cooperative, therefore, is based on intelligent and active cooperation of the members with the board and with the manager/employees, each group shouldering its own responsibilities to the best of its ability.

Tammy M. Meyer