Wind Machines for Minimizing Cold Injury to Horticultural Crops

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When plant tissue temperatures fall below critical values, sensitive perennial crops such as grapevines and tender tree fruits can suffer irreversible cold injury, causing malfunction or death of plant cells. One protection method is to use wind machines, which became widely used in Niagara for grapes in the late 1990s. Today there are almost 500 in Ontario. A four-year, on-farm research project conducted in Niagara to establish best management practices for wind machines and find more effective ways to use them ended in Fall 2009.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • How do wind machines work?
  • Temperature Inversions
  • Effects on Air Temperatures Near the Ground
  • Noise from Wind Machines
  • Normal Farm Practice
  • Best Management Practices for Operation of Wind Machines
Hugh Fraser
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rurals Affairs