Camposol S.A.

CAMPOSOL is the leading agroindustrial company in Peru and the largest exporter of asparagus in the world. The company owns all the fields where its products are planted and harvested, having total control of the growing, harvesting and packing phases of its final products.

The lines of CAMPOSOL products include: Asparagus, Piquillo Peppers, Avocados, Mangoes and Grapes, which are packed fresh, frozen or canned, and exported to our world markets.

By being a vertically integrated business, from the growing fields to the finished products, CAMPOSOL guarantees that only products of the highest quality are the ones that are being offered to our wide range of customers.

Michael Horney
Francisco Graña 155 Urb. Santa Catalina
Phone: +51 (1) 621-0800
Fax: +51 (1) 321-0800
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29 Apr 2010 - 9:36am

Welcome to Citromax S.A.C.I., one of the world’s premier growers of lemons and producers of oils and juices for more than 40 years. Since installing our agro-industrial complex in Tucumán in 1964, we have become the first name in citrus and the cornerstone of the Citromax family of companies that today includes flavor and fragrance companies in Argentina, Brazil and the U.S.

Citromax S.A.C.I.
Ruta Provincial 315 y Avenida Roca
Tafi Viejo, T 4103
Phone: +54 (381) 4513-000
Fax: +54 (381) 4513-020
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25 Jul 2014 - 7:46pm
Citrus Tree

Citrus Tree represents, with pride, a considerable share of the market and its Tahiti lime production is tracked through a computerized system, which follows the embryo plants all the way to the consumers.
The identification codes guarantee thorough care regarding biological control and organic nutrition.
The limes are harvested by trained personnel and are manipulated with specific equipment in order to guarantee and preserve maximum quality.
After the limes are transported in plastic containers to the climatized packing house, they are carefully cleaned and selected electronically according to size and color. Once this process is finished, there is a security pause to ensure quality.

Sítio da Chuva - Rodovia SP 340, km 149 Pirapitingui
Mogi Mirim, SP
Phone: + 55 19 3806.9110
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9 Oct 2014 - 7:42pm
City Foods Egypt


Is leading company in producing Egyptian Fresh Vegetables and Dehydrated Onion and Garlic. Also, cleaning, sifting , packing Herbs and Seeds. We are exporting our products from Egypt to all over the world. We have deep ideas and techniques about the farms, market progress. Beside our long experience and trained team work that handle the shipment smoothly and fast, commit with high performance with packing sorting and loading for the producing steps and other arrange.

Manal Nayrouz Banoub
21 El Ansari St
Phone: (02) 01223910882
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7 Dec 2016 - 10:45am
Conservas Los Angeles

A chilean enterprise founded December 1975, in the city of Los Angeles, Chile.

Owns a plant located in Los Angeles, Chile, that produces Dried Rosehips, Canned Fruits and Vegetables, Brined Mushrooms and Rosehip Oil.

Owns commercial offices and warehouses in Santiago.

This enterprise exports its products to Germany, Sweden, France, U.S.A., Japan, and other areas of the world.

At customer's request can produce goods different than those listed herein.

Avda. Alemania 523
Los Angeles, BI
Phone: +56 (43) 313267
Fax: +56 (43) 323500
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5 Apr 2011 - 5:56pm
Costa de Oro Internacional S.A.

Frozen Fruit and Vegetable Division

Industrial IQF Fruits

We offer the following sizes on 10 kg and 40 lb in blue low density polybags in corrugated boxes

Other size packaging is available upon request

Private Label Fruits and Vegetables

Our line of Tropical fruits and vegetables is available under our own brands FRUTTYDICE and COSTA DE ORO as well as in Private Label Brands.

P.O BOX 11052-1000
San José
Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 2272-2293
Fax: (506) 2272-2636
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16 Sep 2010 - 1:56pm