MEDEST Company

Medest for Import and Export Fresh Fruits & Vegetables is a Sole Proprietorship Company which was established by Mr. Medhat El Dosouky who has a long experience in exporting and importing fruits & vegetables more than 30 years in Egypt with his family then establish Medest ®™ for Import and Export Fresh Fruits & Vegetables.

Medest ®™ is specialized in exporting: Citrus (orange / lemon /Grapefruit), Pomegranate, Grapes, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Strawberry, Potato, Garlic, and Onion.

161 Ahmed Shawky Street
Phone: +2-03-5413 862
Fax: +2-03-5846942
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15 Apr 2016 - 12:15pm
Millstream Farms

We are a grower, packer, and shipper of North Carolina sweet potatoes. Millstream Farms is owned and closely managed by the Chancy family in beautiful eastern North Carolina where the soil, temperature, and rainfall is perfect for producing sweet potatoes.

Millstream Farms ships sweet potatoes all over the world from its 1,000,000 bushel, storage facility. We are Produce Traceability Initiative Compliant and Certified for Good Agricultural and Handling Practices. At Millstream Farms we maintain our sweet potatoes in state of the art climate controlled storage facilities enabling us to ship quality sweet potatoes all year long.

We offer traditional sweet potatoes in a variety of grades and pack types including: 40 pound cartons, 20 pound cartons, RPCs, bulk bins and bulk process loads, and “Fresh is Best” Microwave Sweet potatoes in 20 pound and 40 pound cartons.

Murasaki is an oriental variety of sweet potato that has a purple external color and a white internal color. They are sweeter than your traditional sweet potato.

1131 Timothy Rd
Dunn, NC 28334
United States
Phone: 910-567-6745
Fax: 910-567-6505
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27 Apr 2016 - 11:31am
Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, LLC

100% Certified Organic Pecans
Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, LLC, is proud to produce
 some of the best organic pecans ever grown, the
"American Native" pecan.



We are Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, MNPG, a company, already known for our sweet native conventional pecans, "Missouri Northern Pecans".  MNPG continues to obtain organic pecan certification in our quest to offer you the finest nuts available anywhere.

We have always guaranteed our pecans to be free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.  The organic pecan certification lets the public know that we are serious about offering a product that is not only healthy for them, but also protects the environment from unnecessary pollutants.  People are more conscientious about their food intake and possible health dangers connected with the use of pesticides and other chemicals.  This is evident by the increased amount of organic products that are now available in the stores.  From gourmet consumer to whole or retail consumer, our goal in obtaining organic pecan certification was to provide a natural product that tastes great and is good for a person.  We feel we have achieved that goal with our "American Native" pecans.

3400 Industrial Parkway
Nevada, MO 64772
United States
Phone: +1 (417) 667-3501
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19 Nov 2010 - 6:00pm