Nature's Circle Farm

Nature's Circle Farm now grows potatoes, turnip, rutabaga, carrots, beets, cabbage, parsnips, squash and grain, all USDA certified organic.

Nature's Circle Farm also grows double-certified Maine organic seed potato (16 varieties). We are proud to have a wonderful crew of employees who work very hard to maintain operations and provide consistent high-quality Maine organic produce. We are very pleased to be able to serve the Eastern Seaboard with our organic products.

Our Maine organic food product line includes four varieties of table stock potatoes (Russets, Reds, Whites and Yukons), four varieties of beets (Red and, Chioggia, Albino, and Golden), carrots (Chantenay and Sugarsnax), turnip (Purple-top and Scarlet), rutabaga, cabbage (Red and Green), parsnips, squash (8 varieties), wheat, and oats. We're always working hard to improve the quality of our Maine organic vegetables. By paying close attention to enriching our Maine farm soil, the groundwork process, weed and pest control. We are hoping for a fantastic growing season with perfect weather this year too!! All Maine organic vegetables are available by the pallet. Potatoes, turnip, and rutabaga are available by the truckload from October until April.

(207) 592-1476 (Meg's cell)
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1133 County Road
New Limerick 04761
United States
Phone: (207) 532-9911
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