The firm GIVREX (Robert Mansour & Co.) is privately owned by the Mansour family in Alexandria, Egypt. They are actively specialized since 1978 in the production and export of all types of Egyptian Frozen Fruits and Vegetables that are highly selected and of choice quality.
Some examples of frozen fruits and vegetables offered: artichokes, peeled broad beans, legumes, sweet potatoes, skinless and grilled pepper, frozen roasted eggplant, whole Egyptian ethnic vegetables, okra, green beans (whole and cut), fava beans, spinach (leaves and chopped), molokhia, frozen creams of soups of artichokes, lentil, broccoli, leak, all ready meals (heat and eat products), strawberries, apricots, pulp of mango and guava, dates, fig, etc.
GIVREX frozen products have become most popular in different foreign markets where they are regularly exported to various countries in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Arab countries.
The raw products that GIVREX uses for processing are grown mostly in the fertile Nile Delta. This region is very suitable for growing superior products for processing because of the rich, fertile soil. They carefully inspect the raw materials to ensure that they meet strict standards of freshness and cleanliness.


Alexandria, Egypt
Qism Sidi Gabir
Phone: +(203) 424-4000
Fax: +(203) 428-2139
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