Indaia Exotic

Indaia Exotic Importação Exportação Ltda. was founded in May 1984. In a very short period of time, it became one of the major fruit, vegetables and roots exporters in Brazil. This great achievement was due to the extreme endeavor of its partners and the strict quality control of its products.

Indaia Exotic is situated in the city of Valinhos, State of São Paulo. Its privileged location, very close to two of the most important cargo airports in Brazil, enables that our fruits arrive very quickly, to both Viracopos in Campinas (25km) and Guarulhos in São Paulo (110km).

As soon as the order gets to our hands, the procedure to prepare it is quick and efficient. Thanks to our excellent contact with all the Airlines, we always manage to get the right destination for your goods at the lowest freight rate available in the market.


Cx. Postal 231 Chácara Chapadão, B. Macuco
Valinhos, SP 13279-454
Phone: +55 (19) 3881-2645 / 3881-2676
Fax: +55 (19) 3881-1345
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