Phyto Planet Food and Health Ingredients

Phyto Planet is one of the leaders in wholesale distribution and exportation of herbs, teas, fruits and vegetables extracts, coffees and spices from Brazil.
Our company has a wide variety of products. They are available in over 120 different forms of processing. Spray dried fruits, vegetables, herbs, teas, juice powders, concentrate juices, coffee, dried soy juice known all over the world for their exquisite tastes, flavor, aroma and variety. The Products have formed an integral part of Brazilian cuisine for centuries, lending their wonderful taste and flavor for food ingredients, supllements, health food, etc.
We offer a variety of products that match the taste requirement of any palate. our range of products is a perfect blend of fruits, extracts mixed in accurate proportion to give it an exotic taste.
We observe top quality standards and hygiene during the manufacturing and packaging of our products.
We get our raw materials direct from the farms and centers. The raw materials are then grinded at a normal temperature so that its aroma is retained. The entire production process is completely automatedwith no human contact.
For exports, the products are tested and non irradiated. We lay tremendous emphasis on the packaging of our products so they reach their destination in mint condition without losing their nutrition facts, taste, texture and aroma. Our robust infrastructure coupled with a talented team of technicians and production teams ensure that we manufacture the goods commensurate with international standards.
The intrinsic value of dried fruits, herbs and extracts depends mainly on the aroma and flavor of the products. Packaging plays a vital role in maintaining the freshness of fruits.
The products are packed in bulk. We also have the capability to adapt our packaging to suit all needs and special requirements of our buyers.


Rua Vancouver, 219 Jardim Canadá
Nova Lima 34000-000
Phone: +55 31 3654.2242
Fax: +55 31 3658.2246
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