Agrisoft Systems provides software solutions for precision agriculture and plantation management. We are based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and have been developing management information systems, customized database applications and specialized computer programs for more than 15 years, concentrating mainly on agricultural, environmental and agronomy related topics and decision support systems. Since 1998, when our Oil Palm Management Program (OMP) was presented for the first time to the planters community at the International Oil Palm Conference in Bali, our main development focus has been on management decision support systems for oil palm plantations. While continuing our support and development work on OMP, we also aim to use our expertise gained in the oil palm sector to create similar programs for other plantation crops in the coming years, starting with banana plantations.
The people behind our software products are skilled experts and well known scientists and planters with a hands-on experience on the topic. This background knowledge and the deep understanding of the information requirements of planters, agronomists and top level managers is a vital component in the OMP development cycle.
Our insider knowledge and experience sets us apart from other competitors, who may have developed systems for industrial manufacturers, trade companies or tea plantations but generally have little experience about oil palm agronomy and estate management.
Agrisoft Systems has a long term commitment to software development for projects and companies in Southeast Asia, the Pacific region, Latin America and Africa.


PT Agrisoft Systems Indonesia
Jl. Prisma 66A
Yogyakarta 55283
Phone: +62 274 882 606
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