Considerations for Starting a Winery

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This publication is for anyone who has ever considered entering the wine industry. The goal of this publication is to provide information about requirements, procedures and equipment for starting a winery. It is not designed as a “how-to” manual but rather is designed to serve as a starting point as you investigate the many aspects of owning and operating a winery. Major winemaking procedures are discussed so that the reader can gain an appreciation of the investments in time, money and equipment necessary to establish a winery. Although the manuscript frequently refers to procedures for starting a winery in Arkansas, the concepts presented are applicable throughout the U.S.

The topics covered among others are the following:

  • Winery Location and Design
  • Turning Your Concept into Reality
    • The Business Plan
  • Regulatory Approval
  • Winemaking Plan
    • Harvesting and Handling
    • Destemming/Crushing
    • Fermentation
    • Pressing
    • Settling and/or Centrifuging
    • Fining
    • Barrel Aging
    • Filtering
    • Bottling
    • Capsuler
    • Labeling
  • Winery Establishment Costs
  • Equipping the Winery Laboratory
  • Recordkeeping
  • Sanitation and Waste Management
Justin R. Morris
University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture