Freezing of fruits and vegetables: An agribusiness alternative for rural and semi-rural areas

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In this technical manual fundamental knowledge and socio-economic issues concerning freezing are presented, with coverage extending from large-scale freezing to freezing on a micro- or small-scale. The manual consists of five chapters containing basic concepts and operations to give a better understanding of the application of freezing preservation. Chapter one presents an introduction to freezing technology, emphasizing the importance of the frozen food industry with general recommendations on the application of technology for fruits and vegetables. Chapter two gives specific examples of freezing preservation applied to selected food prototypes. Chapter three focuses on raw material selection and freezing equipment. Chapter four presents general recommendations regarding final product quality whilst Chapter five presents cost estimates and product prices for selected frozen products.

Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas
Bilge Altunakar
Danilo J. Mejía-Lorío
FAO Agricultural Services Bulletin