Traceability for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Implementation Guide

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This document serves as a guide to implementing GS1 traceability standards in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable (Produce) Industry supply chain.
Traceability is a business process that enables trading partners to follow products as they move from field through to retail store or food service operator. Each Traceability Partner must be able to identify the direct source (supplier) and direct recipient (customer) of product.
The first priority of traceability is to protect the consumer through faster and more precise identification of implicated product. This is critical if the product must be withdrawn from the supply chain.
This document serves as a best practice guide to implementing traceability in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable (Produce) Industry. The best practices recommended are based on GS1 global standards for supply chain management and product identification. These standards were developed by industry to optimize business practices across supply chains world-wide. More information about GS1 appears in Appendix A
What is the scope of this guideline?

  • Applies to fresh fruit and vegetables for human consumption.
  • Traceability practices from grower to retail store or foodservice operator (i.e. external traceability).
  • Applies to all levels of product and shipping containers, including pallets, cases and consumer items.
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Produce Marketing Association