Influence of nitrogen rate and sampling date on soil analysis values of highbush blueberries

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Three studies were conducted on nitrogen (N) fertilization effects on soil of highbush blueberries in Arkansas. Objectives included:

  1. determination of varying N rate effects on the standard soil analysis variables,
  2. determination of date of soil sampling effects on soil analyses,
  3. evaluation of the interactions of N rate and time of sampling, and
  4. determination of changes in soil content over years.

This research was done in two of the more important highbush blueberry production areas in Arkansas: the Arkansas River Valley where blueberries are grown on sandy loam soils, and northwest Arkansas where production is more common on silt loam soils. This information provides greater insight into the soil dynamics of highbush blueberry plantings in Arkansas and can be used to increase precision of fertility and other soil property recommendations provided to growers.

John R. Clark
Ronald W. McNew
RichardC. Maples
University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture