Postharvest: Texture of fruit and vegetables

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Texture is a quality attribute that is critical in determining the acceptability of fruits and vegetables. It is convenient to define quality as the composite of intrinsic characteristics that differentiate units of the commodity - individual pieces of the product - and to think of acceptability as people’s perceptions of and reactions to those characteristics. Although the term is widely used, texture is not a single, well-defined attribute. It is a collective term that encompasses the structural and mechanical properties of a food and their sensory perception in the hand or mouth. Although some definitions of texture restrict its use to only sensory attributes or to sensory attributes and the mechanical properties directly related to them, the term texture is sometimes extended to include some mechanical properties of commercial interest that may not be of direct interest to consumers, such as resistance to mechanical damage. In this review, we will use the term texture in the broadest sense.

Judith A. Abbott
F. Roger Harker
Mt. Albert Research Centre, Auckland, New Zealand