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From niche to mainstream – Halal Goes Global

The halal food sector is estimated to be a trillion-dollar global market, based on the preferences of an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims around the world.This publication is the first to provide an overview of the global halal food and beverage market. It contains trade data, outlines consumer trends...
Abdalhamid Evans
Sadiq Syed
International Trade Centre

Sustainable Sourcing: Markets for Certified Chinese Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

This study reviews the global market for sustainably wild-collected botanical ingredients from China. China produces many plant-based herbal medicines and ingredients, consumed within China and worldwide. The study promotes recognition and implementation of sustainable wild-collection standards and...
Josef Brinckmann
International Trade Centre

The Emerging Australian Date Palm Industry: Date Fruit Nutritional and Bioactive Compounds and Valuable Processing By-Products

Abstract Date palm is a popular and high-revenue crop, and the consumption of date fruits is no longer limited to the Middle Eastern countries. Date fruit has gained interest due to its nutritional value and taste, and date seeds have recently been identified as sources of valuable bioactive...
Sameera Sirisena
Ken Ng
Said Ajlouni
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Spotting Products with Export Potential

Countries have room for export growth in non-traditional markets, according to an ITC assessment of 64 developing countries’ export opportunities in European, South-South and regional markets. African and Latin American countries find potential to export ‘traditional’ products (...
Yvan Decreux
International Trade Centre

Niche Markets for Coffee: Specialty, Environment, and Social Aspects

Abstract Paper focusing on environmental and social aspects of the international coffee trade targeted at producers, exporters and others involved in the promotion of higher quality and sustainable coffee – describes the scope and trends for specialty coffee in the United States, Japan, and...
Hein Jan van Hilten
International Trade Centre

Chile: exportación paso a paso

Ofrecemos una completa guía para quienes se están iniciando en su proceso exportador y tienen dudas o necesitan información detallada sobre cada uno de los pasos a seguir.
Dirección General de Relaciones Económicas Internacionales - Gobierno de Chile
Dirección General de Relaciones Económicas Internacionales - Gobierno de Chile

Export Programme Agro-Food Central America 2012-2017

Summary The signing of new Free Trade Agreements between the European Union and several Central American governments gave CBI the push it needed to launch an intensive Export Programme for the region’s agro-food sector in 2012. The first of its kind, the programme aims at enabling around 70...
Femke de Jong, Programme Manager
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Import intelligence study: Wine in Bolivia

Bolivia offers opportunities for European wine importers. 99% of all Bolivian vineyards are situated at an altitude between 1,600 and 3,000 metres above sea level. There is no other wine production country in the world with these characteristics. And there are many ancestral vineyards with vines of...
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

China - Raisin Annual 2015

China is the world’s third largest producer of raisins behind the United States and Turkey. Post forecasts China’s MY2015/16 raisin production at 190,000 tons, an increase of 5 percent over USDA’s MY2014/15 official estimate. The increase is driven by the greater availability of...
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

Mobile and E-Commerce Grocery Retail and Food Service Bloom

India is the sixth largest grocery market in the world and one of the fastest growing markets for online grocery sales. There are approximately 74 online grocery portals; up from 42 in September 2014. Ecommerce in India is at an early but rapidly growing stage. Companies should consider whether...
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service