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Agritourism: Opportunities for Farm Diversification

Agritourism is the business of establishing farms as travel destinations for educational and recreational purposes. Often, agritourism activities provide supplemental income to the farm business or owner. Agritourism is also associated with various terms used over the years to refer to similar...
Samantha Rozier Rich
Stacy Tomas
Susan Colucci
Stephen Komar
Brian Schilling
Jenny Carleo
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

How to successfully participate in International Trade Show

  The purpose of this guide, which complements previous publications of the “Agribusiness Series, Export Handbooks”, is to provide readers with a practical tool that will help them prepare for an international fair, perform successfully during the event and carry out appropriate...
Daniel Rodríguez Sáenz

Estudio de Mercado Ajos en México

  En los últimos años, México ha intensificado el cambio en los hábitos de consumo y su promoción de la alimentación sana, reconociendo en los ajos un alimento que reúne esta característica. En México se reportan superficies...
Oficina Comercial de ProChile en Ciudad De México

Product carbon footprinting standards in the agri-food sector

Exporters of agricultural products are being required to measure and take actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their supply chains by retailers and corporations in the European Union, the United States of America and several emerging economies. Measuring the carbon footprint of a product...
Katharina Plassmann
International Trade Centre (ITC)

An Analysis of Vegetable Farms’ Direct Marketing Activities in New York State

Farm retail marketing or farmer-to-consumer direct marketing is an important outlet for many New York vegetable products. Marketing direct to consumers takes special skills and abilities on the part of marketers, and also requires a favorable location with respect to land resources and local...
Wen-fei L. Uva
Cornell University

Estudio de Mercado Alimentos Naturales Saludables en EE.UU.

  De acuerdo a empresa de estudios de mercado Euromonitor International, EE.UU. es el mercado más importante del mundo en materia de Alimentos Funcionales o que benefician la salud y de bebidas, aproximadamente USD 115 mil millones, lo que equivale a una cuarta parte de las ventas...
ProChile Los Angeles

Estudio de prefactibilidad para la producción y comercialización de arándanos (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) en condiciones de valles andinos

    Contenidos: Estudio del mercado del proyecto Características de la demanda Características de la oferta Comercialización Precios internacionales. Canales y cadenas de comercialización...
Liliana G. Benavides
Sierra Exportadora

Agritourism, Farm Visits, Agro-Tourism - Oh My! Do Farmers, Residents, and Extension Faculty Speak the Same Language?

Agritourism is one of the many labels used to describe recreational activities offered on farms and in other types of agricultural settings. However, this label is often used interchangeably with many others, such as agricultural tourism, farm tourism, agritainment, and farm visits (Colton &...
Samantha Rozier Rich
Shuangyu Xu
Carla Barbieri
Claudia Gil Arroyo
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Business management for small-scale agro-processors

  This booklet addresses micro- and small-scale entrepreneurs who wish to improve their business operations. It may not require the sophisticated business management techniques that are used by large-scale manufacturers, but simple procedures to plan, monitor and control production, finances,...
Peter Fellows
Alexandra Rottger

Processed Apple Product Marketing Analysis: Hard Cider & Apple Wine

Hard cider and apple wine offer new value-added marketing opportunities to the apple industry. Both products are situated in rapidly growing categories of the beverage industry. The development of effective marketing strategies for these products requires an understanding of the forces driving...
Kristin Rowles
Cornell University