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Work Health and Safety Planning

  Safety is the responsibility of everyone, whether they work, live or visit your farm. However, it’s up to you to put systems in place to help them understand where the risks lie, and how to minimise them. Developing a basic Work Health and Safety (WHS)...
Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation
Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation

8 Tips for Doing Business with European Buyers of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

  The European fresh fruit and vegetables sector is a dynamic world full of opportunities. However, it is also a complex and highly professional world, with requirements and expectations you will need to comply with to be successful. These tips for exporters from developing countries will help...
CBI Market Intelligence
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Influencing Sustainable Sourcing Decisions in Agri-Food Supply Chains

  This paper presents research findings on influencing sustainable sourcing decisions in agri-food supply chains, providing insight into the role of intermediaries. Based on a literature review, interviews, and case studies from different trading entities, chapter 1 expounds on the different...
Allison Loconto
International Trade Centre

Exporting to Europe - An Introduction

  For over half a century, the European Union (EU) has brought political stability and economic prosperity to its citizens. It has created a frontier-free single market and a single currency, the euro. It has reunited a fractured continent. Europe as a whole is a major economic and commercial...
CBI Market Intelligence
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Which Trends Offer Opportunities on the European Coffee Market?

  European demand for spices and herbs is growing. This is mainly due to trends such as healthy living, interest in new tastes and convenience. Due to high prices and a sense of scarcity, European buyers are increasingly willing to buy from smaller suppliers. You can find opportunities...
CBI Market Intelligence
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Update on the South African Deciduous Fruit Supply and Demand

  Apple production is forecasted to increase by two percent to 980,000 MT in the 2016/17 MY, based on the increase in area planted, new plantings coming into full production and normal weather conditions. Post forecasts that South African apple exports will increase by about four percent to...
Wellington Sikuka

Cómo Hacer Negocios con el Reino Unido

  Información clave para hacer negocios con el Reino Unido. Informa sobre el comportamiento del comercio exterior y de la relación bilateral con Chile, oportunidades de negocios, régimen de importación y consejos para acceder al mercado. Relaciones Bilaterales con...

Tree Nuts Annual

  Bulgaria is a growing market for tree nuts, especially for almonds and walnuts. The country is a net importer of almonds which is the leading premium nut on the market and enjoys stable and increasing demand. The Unites States is the main supplier for the market through direct and indirect...
Mila Boshnakova

La Producción de Tomate bajo Invernaderos a Pequeña Escala ¿Es rentable?

  La agricultura bajo protección es una tendencia creciente entre pequeños y medianos agricultores de hortalizas en Guatemala. Sin embargo, existe la interrogante sobre la rentabilidad económica de este tipo de proyectos. Se presenta un análisis sobre la producci...
Vilma Porres
Daniel de León
Rolando Cifuentes
Centro de Estudios Agrícolas y Alimentarios

Diversificación con Frambuesa

  El objetivo del presente trabajo fue analizar el impacto micro-económico que produce la introducción del cultivo de frambuesa en una pyme hortícola de Coronda, dedicada esencialmente a la producción de frutillas.El patrón de diversificación actual es...
Mariana Travadelo
María del Huerto Sordo
María del Huerto Sordo
Cristian Pernuzzi
Ricardo Perren
Norberto Gariglio
Mariela Maina
Noelia Rossler
María C. Brizi
Andrés Carboni
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias