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Work Health and Safety Planning

  Safety is the responsibility of everyone, whether they work, live or visit your farm. However, it’s up to you to put systems in place to help them understand where the risks lie, and how to minimise them. Developing a basic Work Health and Safety (WHS) plan can be a simple process, and...
The Primary Industries Health and Safety Partnership
The Primary Industries Health and Safety Partnership

Who and Where is Your Customer?

  Contents:  Qualifying & Quantifying the Business Opportunity  Understanding the Customer Understanding the Context Understanding the Competition Finding Market Information in a Smallholder Context Market Assessment: an Input to the Business Plan  Appendix 1: Potential NGO...
Feed the Future
Feed the Future

Factores Coadyuvantes de la Innovación en las Cooperativas Agroalimentarias: Caso Estudio de las Citrícolas Españolas

  La innovación ha sido reiteradamente señalada como factor de competitividad en la empresa. Como tal, resulta clave estudiar los aspectos que inciden en ella para conducir a la mejora de la posición competitiva en el mercado. Las cooperativas, como entidades con actividad...
R.J. Server-Izquierdo
N. Lajara-Camilleri
Información Técnica Económica Agraria

Comportamiento del Comercio Mundial de la Palta y Perspectivas del Mercado Chino

  Contenido:  Situación de Palta en el Mercado Internacional   Comportamiento de las Exportaciones Peruanas de Palta Perspectivas del Mercado Chino para la Palta Peruana
Ministerio de Agricultura
Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego

Setting up and Running a Small Fruit or Vegetable Processing Enterprise

  If you are interested in starting up a business, food processing offers an excellent opportunity to generate income using locally available resources. Focusing on the establishment of such a business using fruits and vegetables, this detailed and informative manual covers topics such as:...
Barrie Axtell
Peter Fellows
Joseph Hounhouigan
Peggy Oti-Boateng

Café: Cadena Agroproductiva

  Contenido:  Introducción Características del Cultivo Variedades Comerciales Principales Zonas Productoras de Café en el Perú  Condiciones Agro-climáticas Importancia Agroeconómica Superficie Cosechada Producción nacional Rendimiento...
Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego
Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego

Which Trends Offer Opportunities on the European Cut Flowers and Foliage Market?

  The main trends for the coming years are increasing attention to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), achieving further increases in market share and supermarket concentration and increasing importance of ICT and e-commerce. Preconditions for a good position on the market are sustainably...
Milco Rikken
LEI Wageningen UR
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Improved Plantain

  The cultivation of plantain is underexploited due to inadequate provision of good quality propagation material. The negative influence of parasites also leads to the use of poor quality suckers, resulting in a growth cycle of over two years. The return on the effort put in by farmers is...
E. Lionelle Ngo-Samnick

Learn How to Grow Peppers

  This book provides a step by step guide to production of pepper with much emphasis on out door conditions. It details planning, agronomic aspects and post harvest handling of this vegetable for marketing. The crop protection measures outlined in this book are applicable in both organic and...
Dennis S. Ashilenje
Phoenix Publishers Limited

EI Mercado de Plantas Ornamentales en Polonia

  Contenidos:  La posición de la producción de ornamentales Flor cortada Planta en maceta Importacion y exportación Mercado y consumo
Horticultura Internacional
Horticultura Internacional