Estudios de Mercado de Frutas y Verduras Frescas y la Industria de Alimentos

CBI Product Fact Sheet: Fresh Chilli Peppers in the European Market

  ‘Practical market insight on your product’ The European market for fresh Chilli Peppers is steadily growing year after year. With this product factsheet CBI supports developing countries’ (DC) exporters with essential information to enhance their exports of Chilli...
Piet Schotel
LEI Wageningen UR

Status, challenges and marketing opportunities for canning navy bean in Kenya

Navy bean (white bean) is an export crop with potential to signficantly improve incomes of smallholder farmers in Kenya; its production and marketing has, however, stagnated. A study was conducted to determine the status, challenges and marketing opportunities for navy bean. Primary data were...
Chemining’wa George Ndiema
Kitonyo OM
JH Nderitu
African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development (AJFAND)

Planificación aplicada a empresas asociativas rurales

El presente módulo denominado “Planificación aplicada a empresas asociativas rurales” es el tercero de los cuatro que conforman el curso “Gestión de agronegocios en empresas asociativas rurales”, y tiene como propósito ofrecerle a los lí...
Hernando Riveros
Pilar Santacoloma
Florence Tartanac

Vegetables and Pulses Outlook

According to USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) August 28 Vegetables report, the 2014 contract production of the four major processing vegetables (tomatoes, sweet corn, snap beans, and green peas) is projected to total 18.2 million short tons, up 14 percent from last year...
Hodan Farah Wells
Jennifer Bond
Suzanne Thornsbury

Estudio de Mercado Paltas en RP China

La palta se caracteriza por ser un producto exclusivo, esto es, no de consumo masivo o de primera necesidad. Tiene un precio elevado y se encuentra sólo en cadenas de supermercados grandes o ferias más exclusivas en áreas donde residen extranjeros. La gran oportunidad en este...
Oficina Comercial de Chile en RP China - ProChile

Organic food products in China: Market overview

Chinese organic agriculture began in the late 1980s, driven initially by environmental concerns and later by export opportunities. The sector’s growth was remarkable, reaching over million hectares within five years. The Chinese government was quick to move to regulate the organic sector...
International Trade Centre
International Trade Centre

Estudio de Mercado Mermeladas, Jaleas y Compotas en EE.UU

  Lo que en Chile se conoce como industria de mermeladas, en EE.UU se define como de confituras, la que considera 3 categorías: mermeladas, jaleas y compotas (jam, jelly and preserves). La mermelada es preparada en base a la cocción de trozos frutas a las que se han incorporado...
Oficina Comercial de Chile en Washington D.C, EE.UU- ProChile

CBI Buyer Requirements: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in Europe

  Europe is very demanding about food safety, which is why dealing with fresh agricultural products is subject to various legal and other buyer requirements. But there are also opportunities to distinguish yourself by applying additional or niche market quality standards. This document...
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

CBI Competition: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in Europe

  The buyer power of European importers is high. For niche or premium products it is easier for suppliers to influence the buying process. This is thanks to the growing demand for tropical, exotic and off-season fruit and vegetables. These fruit and vegetables are not easily replaced by other...
CBI Market Intelligence
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands


The cucumber (Cucumus sativus) is a warm-season vining crop in the Cucurbit family. Cucumbers suitable for immediate consumption are referred to as “slicers,” while those for processing are “picklers.” Although there once was a large pickling cucumber industry in Kentucky,...
Brent Rowell
Tim Coolong
University of Kentuky