Estudios de Mercado de Frutas y Verduras Frescas y la Industria de Alimentos

Spotting Products with Export Potential

Countries have room for export growth in non-traditional markets, according to an ITC assessment of 64 developing countries’ export opportunities in European, South-South and regional markets. African and Latin American countries find potential to export ‘traditional’ products (...
Yvan Decreux
International Trade Centre

Niche Markets for Coffee: Specialty, Environment, and Social Aspects

Abstract Paper focusing on environmental and social aspects of the international coffee trade targeted at producers, exporters and others involved in the promotion of higher quality and sustainable coffee – describes the scope and trends for specialty coffee in the United States, Japan, and...
Hein Jan van Hilten
International Trade Centre

Wine in Bolivia

  Bolivia offers opportunities for European wine importers. 99% of all Bolivian vineyards are situated at an altitude between 1,600 and 3,000 metres above sea level. There is no other wine production country in the world with these characteristics. And there are many ancestral vineyards with...
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

China - Raisin Annual 2015

  China is the world’s third largest producer of raisins behind the United States and Turkey. Post forecasts China’s MY2015/16 raisin production at 190,000 tons, an increase of 5 percent over USDA’s MY2014/15 official estimate. The increase is driven by the greater...
Chris Frederick
Crystal Tang
Wu Bugang

La Actividad Citrícola Argentina

Estadisticas y estimaciones 2014/2015 Contenido: Producción de frutas cítricas frescas en países seleccionados Producción y exportación de frutas cítricas frescas, mundial y de la República Argentina Participación Argentina en la...

EU Market Requirements: Spices and Herbs

  What requirements should spices or herbs comply with to be allowed on the European market? The EU market has strict requirements on food safety and quality. In addition, non-legal requirements related to sustainability are becoming more important for suppliers in developing countries....
CBI Market Intelligence
CBI Minitry of Foreign Affairs

Certified Tea in Europe

  Sustainable certified tea is becoming more popular; production and consumption are on the rise. In 2012, 12% of globally produced tea was certified, either Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certified, Fairtrade, or organic, or a combination of these schemes. Main sustainability issues are related to...
CBI Market Intelligence
CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Analysis of Market Chains of Forest Coffee in Southwest Ethiopia

  This study was initiated with the objective of assessing the existing market structure, conduct and Performance of forest coffee; examine its cost and profitability and point out determinants of its Supply and problems in their market chain. Structure-Conduct-performance model and...
Zekarias Shumeta
Kaba Urgessa
Zerihun Kebebew
Academic Journal of Plant Sciences

Certified Cacao in Europe

Many European importers, manufacturers and retailers are committed to sourcing 100% “sustainable” cacao in the near future. The share of certified cacao worldwide increased to 22% in 2012. The fact that around 30-50% of the certified supply was eventually not sold as certified is a...
CBI Market Intelligence

Estudio Nicho de Mercado Hispano EEUU

Los hispanos son más de 52 millones de personas y son una comunidad influyente en todos los ámbitos. La sociedad hispana se ha tornado en un motor clave para la economía de los Estados unidos. Su poder adquisitivo en 2010 se fijó en un millón de millones de d...
Oficina Comercial de Chile en Miami