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Effect of Date Palm Cultivar, Particle Size, Panel Density and Hot Water Extraction on Particleboards Manufactured from Date Palm Fronds

  The objective of this work was to evaluate some of the important physical and mechanical properties of particleboard panels manufactured from three different cultivars of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) fronds, namely Saqui, Barhi and Sukkari. Experimental panels were manufactured from hot...
Said S. Hegazy
Khaled Ahmed

How to Sell Produce to Distributors

  Wholesale distributors play a key role in the food system by purchasing, aggregating, and transporting large volumes of food and distributing it to their customers. Distributors typically sell to one or more of the following groups: Independent and chain restaurants Institutions such as...
Keirstan Kure
Lauren Horning
Rebecca Dunning
North Carolina Cooperative Extension

El Sector del Aloe Vera en Las Islas Canarias: Competitividad Internacional y Escenarios Futuros

  Las exportaciones a la UE del aloe vera canario son casi insignificantes, aun siendo el archipiélago la primera región europea en cultivo y producción de esta planta, con unos diez millones de ejemplares adultos que serían suficientes para satisfacer la demanda...
Francisca Rosa Álamo Vera
José Carlos Bethencourt Gutiérrez
Javier Osorio Acosta

Aceite de Oliva: El Mercado Mundial y El Desempeño Comercial de La Argentina

  La olivicultura ocupa aproximadamente 100.000 hectáreas en Argentina y se ha convertido en un sector productivo relevante para varias regiones netamente agroindustriales. El avance de la industria productora de aceite de oliva y su particular dependencia respecto al mercado externo...
Marta Susana Picardi
Germán Héctor González
Leticia Belén Valls

Assessing the Economic Feasibility of Growing Specialized Apple Cultivars for Sale to Commercial Hard Cider Producers

  This publication describes a set of associated budget spreadsheets that utilize a systematic means to assess the feasibility of growing specialty apple cultivars for sale to commercial hard cider producers.  Hard cider is a growing part of the alcoholic beverage ...
Jarrad Farris
Greg Peck
Gordon Groover
Virginia Cooperative Extension

Potential for Strengthening Strawberry Exports from Michoacán to The United States

  The strawberry is Mexico’s thirteenth biggest export product and ranks third in value of exports, with the state of Michoacán being the leading exporter. The aim of this research was to analyze the potential for strengthening Michoacán strawberry exports to the United...
María Eugenia Estrada-Chavira
Marcos Portillo-Vázquez
Guillermo Calderón-Zavala
Eduardo Segarra
Miguel Ángel Martínez-Damián
Sergio Ernesto Medina-Cuéllar
Revista Chapingo Serie Horticultura

Ejemplo Ilustrativo de los Costos y Rentabilidad de la Produccion de Aguacates en el Estado de la Florida

  Table de Contenidos: Introducción Costos de Producción Análisis de Ingresos y Rentabilidad Análisis de Sensibilidad Comentarios Finales Referencias
Edward A. Evans
Ingrid Bernal Lozano
IFAS Extension, University of Florida

Kansas Wheat Yield Outlook for 2018

  As of March 5, 2018, wheat in the state was rated as 15% very poor, 35% poor, 37% fair, 12% good, and 1% excellent. Is this an indication that we are going to have poor wheat yields? Predicting yields for wheat can be difficult as the crop often does better than it looks...
Gregory Ibendahl
Kansas State University Department of Agricultural Economics

Socio-economic Factors Affecting Apple Production in South-Western Uganda

  Apple (Malus domestica) accounts for 50% of the world’s deciduous fruit tree production. Apple, commonly known as a temperate crop, has become a gainful cash crop for the people in south-western Uganda. The objective of the study was to determine the various costs involved...
P.R. Ntakyo
J. Mugisha
G. Elepu
African Crop Science Journal

Economic Evaluation of A Crop Rotation Portfolio for Irrigated Farms in Central Chile

  The sustainable use of productive resources by agricultural producers in the central valley of Chile should be compatible with economic results so that producers can select an appropriate rotation or succession of annual crops and pasture. The objective of this work was to evaluate...
Jorge González U.
Pablo Undurraga
Juan Hirzel
Ingrid Martínez G.
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research