African Organic Agriculture Training Manual: Marketing and Trade

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Marketing is a management tool of any business aiming to enhance sales and incomes. Marketing starts with deciding what to produce based on the requirements of the market. The market, in this case, refers to the person(s) or organisations who demand the products on offer for consumption, further selling or processing. Knowing the target market or markets is an extremely important factor critical to successful marketing. Traditionally, farmers and their facilitators focus on increasing production on farms and then look for markets to sell what is produced, instead of producing what the market wants. The adoption of a marketing strategy requires a farm to shift their focus from ‘producing for the market’ to ‘producing what the customers want’. The decision to produce according to market requirements is an important marketing step as it involves a commitment to specific customer needs, such as type of product, quality and quantity.
Learning targets for farmers:

  • Understand the importance of marketing
  • Understand where to find relevant information about market opportunities, prices and quality requirements
  • Understand how to identify market expectations in terms of quality, standards and know how to cope with these standards
  • Recognize who is involved in organic marketing and know the steps on how to organise organic business markets
  • Learn how to assess the market potential of organic products
  • Learn how to develop a marketing concept, define a marketing strategy and apply marketing techniques
  • Understand how organic market development can be promoted beyond individual businesses
  • Determine when organic certification is useful and know how to get access to it

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Lukas Kilcher
Brian Ssebunya
FiBL, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland