Australia Exporter Guide 2011

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Australia is a prosperous, politically and economically stable, industrialized nation. Per capita GDP is approximately US$41,982, among the highest in the world. Australia is the world's 13th largest economy, with nominal GDP of US$1.3 trillion and one of the highest levels of per capita GDP in the world. The Australian economy has grown for the past 19 years, except for one negative quarter in late 2008. The government has pledged to return the federal budget to surplus in 2013. Australia’s central bank projects the economy to grow 4.25% in 2011 and at a similar rate in 2012. The unemployment rate is currently 4.9%. In 2010, Australia was ranked as the second easiest place in the world to start up a business, according to the World Bank. It ranked tenth in terms of 'ease of doing business,' and was the sixth easiest place to obtain business credit.

Lindy Crothers