Barbados - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

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Imports of food and beverage products into Barbados are governed by a variety of laws. The Miscellaneous Control Act, Chapter. 329 of 1994 and its implementing regulations require licensing for selected agricultural products (mainly meats, produce, and oils) by the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, a dependency of the Ministry of Commerce and Trade. For a definitive list of products subject to licensing, it is recommended that U.S. exporters contact the above mentioned Ministry (contact information provided in Appendix I). The Standards Act 2006-5 provides the legal framework for standards regulating most foods. Of these, the Specification for Labeling of Prepackaged Food (Barbados National Standard 5: Part 2 of 2004) and the Specification for Labeling of Prepackaged Meat and Poultry Parts/Cuts and Fish and Fishery Products (Barbados National Standard BNS 5: Part 7 of 2004) are the major mandatory standards. In October 2010 CARICOM approved a CARICOM Regional Standard (CRS) for Labeling of Prepackaged Foods, which is expected to be voluntarily adopted by all 15 CARICOM Member States, including Barbados. Because Barbados‟ own Specification for Labeling of Prepackaged Food was used as a template to develop the above mentioned CRS, no major change is expected in Barbados‟ labeling standards. Standards Inspectors from the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs are the ones responsible for enforcement of applicable food standards and regulations supported by interpretations of the Barbados National Standards Institution (BNSI).

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