CBI Product Factsheet: Baby Vegetables in Germany

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Consumer demand for fresh vegetables, combined with trends related to convenience, consumer experience and innovation, has created a new segment for luxury fresh vegetables: baby vegetables. The German market offers opportunities for selling your baby carrots (as a snack), baby courgettes (used in Mediterranean cuisine) and baby corn (for Asian stir-fry dishes).

Baby vegetables (also known as miniature and mini vegetables) are smaller versions of regular-sized produce. Several baby vegetables are standard cultivars which are harvested at an immature stage (for example, baby corn), while others are a new variety of a vegetable species or the result of inter-breeding several species (for example, cherry tomatoes). Smaller vegetables produced from secondary buds after the initial full-sized crop has been harvested, can also be sold as baby vegetables (for example, baby broccoli) (University of Kentucky, 2013). Baby vegetables are found in high-end restaurants, speciality retailers, farmers’ markets and food service/catering venues. They are especially attractive to consumers due to their unique sizes, shapes, colours and enhanced taste. What’s more, the number of single households is increasing in Europe; so many people require smaller portions of fresh produce.

In addition to providing information on the German market for baby vegetables in general, this factsheet focuses on three specific products:

  • Baby carrots
  • Baby courgettes
  • Baby corn
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