Chile - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards

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Chile actively participates in the World Trade Organization and the CODEX Alimentarius Commission. Because Chile is concerned that unscientific technical trade barriers may adversely affect its exports, the government supports the standardization of sanitary and phytosanitary trading regulations.
The Chilean CODEX Committee is coordinated by The Ministry of Agriculture under the new Chilean Agency for Quality and Food Safety (ACHIPIA)
Notifications to the WTO related to Sanitary and Phytosanitary issues are done by the Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG).
SAG is responsible for enforcing Chile’s import regulations concerning alcoholic beverages, organic foods, animal and plant quarantine, and the grading and labeling of beef and some processed food products both for human and animal consumption including petfood, feed and feed supplements.
The Ministry of Health is responsible for food sanitation, including meat and poultry and the approval of food ingredients, labels, and packaging of processed foods. The Ministry is currently bringing Chile’s food sanitation regulations into conformity with CODEX standards.
The official version in Spanish can be found here, an English version (unofficial) can be found at under food law.

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