Chile - Stone Fruit Annual

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Chilean cherry production increased in MY2011/2012 when compared to the previous year as a result of an increased harvesting area together with good weather conditions during the harvest period. Peach and nectarine production and exports fell as planted area continued to decrease mainly as a result falling economic returns. A revaluation of the Chilean peso against the dollar and increasing production costs encouraged farmers to uproot low producing orchards. This is not the case for cherries as producers still obtain good economic returns in spite of the deterioration of the exchange rate; this encourages farmers to increase cherry plantings. During the last few years planted areas to cherries have increased significantly.
For MY2012/2013 the industry is forecasting a slight decrease in production for peaches and nectarines as weather during last winter has not been favorable and planted and production area continues to fall. For cherries a further expansion of production can be expected as additional planted area is coming into production and a still large area is in the incremental stage of production.
Post uses trade data published by the Ministry of Agriculture and their source is Chilean Customs. This data could be different from that obtained from the Global Trade data because most fruit exports go on consignment and are initially registered with an estimated figure. Later once it is traded the initial data is corrected with a real figure. These corrections are done sometimes a year later. Figures published in the Global Trade Atlas normally take the first figure published by Customs and are not corrected later on.

Luis Hennicke