Chimney solar dryer manual

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The Chimney Solar Dryer Manual provides an introduction to this efficient, low-cost solar dryer designed by UC Davis researchers. The manual includes directions for how to build the chimney solar dryer and how to use it to dry fruits and vegetables.

The UC Davis chimney solar dryer was designed to provide efficient drying even in hazy or partially cloudy conditions. Constructing the dryer is simple, and it can be built from low-cost materials found locally in markets and shops around the world. The objective of this manual is to provide the knowledge needed to build and use the chimney solar dryer, along with the basic value and process of using the sun to dry fruits, vegetables and other foods. This manual will be useful for growers, farmer cooperatives, trainers, development implementers, researchers, and others.

There are two key and unique characteristics of the chimney solar dryer:

  1. The chimney ensures continuous airflow around the product, thus increasing the speed of drying compared to other designs.
  2. The dryer’s large heat-collection area ensures high temperatures and rapid moisture removal.
Michael Reid
James Thompson
Horticulture Innovation Lab Demonstration Center at UC Davis