Commodity Specific Food Safety Guidelines for the Fresh Tomato Supply Chain - 2nd Edition

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The scope of this document pertains only to fresh and fresh-cut tomato products, and does not include cooked tomato products, tomato juice, or tomatoes intended to be cooked. This document does not include considerations for products commingled with non-produce ingredients (e.g. salad kits which may contains meat, cheese, and/or dressings), although the tomatoes used in such products should be produced, harvested and otherwise handled in a manner consistent with the recommendations in this document. The distribution chain for fresh tomatoes can be complex, in that tomatoes may be sold direct or indirect to the buyer; tomatoes are often subject to repacking for size and/or quality. As a result, there is no single distribution chain. The distribution chain may be simple or very complex, with tomatoes being handled by a number of entities prior to being offered for sale to the consumer. The model distribution chain for the purpose of this document provides an overview of only a few of the many paths a fresh tomato can take prior to the end user. It is the intent of this document to cover all significant aspects of the tomato supply chain, from production to delivery to the consumer.

The North American Tomato Trade Work Group (NATTWG)
United Fresh Produce Association