Comparative Effectiveness of some Mechanical Repellents for Management of Rose Ringed Parakeet (Psittacula krameri) in Citrus, Guava and Mango Orchards

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This paper reports on the effectiveness of the mechanical repellents employed against the management of rose-ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri) in citrus, guava and mango orchards. All the three fields were sub-divided into three sections, left, middle and right. More damage occurred on the corners than in the middle. For the mango, the most effective repellent was the reflecting ribbon, reducing the depredations to (0.103%), while acetylene exploder was the least effective with the damage profile 0.237%. More or less comparable damage to all three fruits was reported using other mechanical repellents. For the citrus, the reflecting ribbon, yet again, proved to be most effective in inhibiting parakeet attacks, while in guava, the gas exploder was augmented to be the optimum in limiting the parakeet depredations, with maximum damage recorded with the multi-mirror reflectors. The present results indicated that, of the non-chemical techniques, unquestionably, the repellents proved highly beneficial in reducing the damage proportions and their rational use on some other fruit and cultivated crops should be manifested with to restrain the considerable economic losses in the unprotected conditions.

Hammad Ahmad Khan
Shahzad Ahmad
Muhammad Javed
Khalial Ahmad
M. Ishaque
International Journal of Agriculture and Biology