Costa Rica Coffee Annual Coffee Production, Consumption, and Exports 2010

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According to industry sources, Costa Rica’s coffee production has declined by about 35 percent since the 2002/2003 crop year. The sharp decline is attributed to the age of the plantations. According to the Costa Rican Coffee Institute (ICAFE), 40% of the plantations are over 20 years old and need renovation. ICAFE recently signed an agreement with the Development Banking System to allocate approximately $12 million to finance farm renovations. The program is directed primarily at small producers. However, this is only a first step towards the goal of renovating Costa Rica’s coffee plantations, as the initial resources are expected to cover the cost of about 2,000 hectares out of a total 30,000 hectares which need replanting. The replanting process under the best scenario would take several years to show results. Therefore, we expect coffee production to decline in the short term.

Victor Gonzalez