Cutting Blade Sharpness Affects Appearance and Other Quality Attributes of Fresh-cut Cantaloupe Melon

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Cantaloupe melon pieces (1.8 cm dia x 3.5 to 4.0 cm cylinders) were prepared using stainless steel borers with sharp or blunt blades, and stored for 12 d in air at 5 °C. Pieces prepared with the sharp borer maintained marketable visual quality for at least 6 d, while those prepared with the blunt borer were unacceptable by d 6 due to surface translucency and color changes. Borer sharpness did not affect changes in decay, firmness, sugar content, or aroma, but blunt-cut pieces had increased ethanol concentrations, off-odor scores, and electrolyte leakage compared to sharp-cut pieces. Respiration rates at 5 °C were similar for both cutting treatments, but ethylene production rates were sometimes higher in pieces cut with the blunt blade.

S.I. Portela, and M.I. Cantwell
M.I. Cantwell
Food Chemistry and Toxicology