Damping-off and Root Rot of Beans

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Root rots, damping-off before and after seedling emergence, and seed rots are destructive diseases of green, snap, lima, and dry beans. These diseases are caused primarily by soilborne fungi. Significant losses may occur to susceptible varieties, especially if cool, wet weather conditions prevail for the first few weeks after seeding and then are followed by hot, dry weather. Disease incidence and severity often vary greatly, even in areas with a history of root rot. In the same growing season, it is not uncommon to lose a crop completely and then re-seed and experience no problems. This situation results from changes in biological, environmental, and soil conditions. Since there are no commercially acceptable resistant varieties, growers should learn how to recognize these diseases and use a combination of management practices to minimize potential losses.

Sally A. Miller
Richard M. Riedel
Randall C. Rowe
The Ohio State University