Development and Nutritional Impact of Ready to Serve (RTS) Juice from Selected Edible Resources Including Indigenous Fruits and Vegetables of Indian Origin

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The aim of the research work is to formulate a nutritional juice to fulfil the nutritional requirements of human being through cost effective manner. Thus, the developmental strategy is to produce a nutritional health drink with natural preservatives as an alternative to chemically prepared modern soft drinks to avoid health risks and increase the bioavailability of fruits and vegetables derived nutritional fractionates. Selected fruits, vegetables and some spices including indigenous species of Indian origin were utilized in a proper proportion in order to attain the human nutritional requirements. The methodology includes the extraction of nutritional juice from fruits and vegetables and subsequent analysis of nutritive value. Hence, the nutritional content, percentage of antioxidants and antimicrobial activity were also assessed in order to fulfil the nutritional requirements and longevity of the juice without any chemical additives. Upon fulfilling the criteria of nutritional requirements, the palatability was tested with many volunteers to know their willingness of consumption and found that all had accepted it. In the modern world, many people are consuming juices, foods with chemical based production or preservation without knowing the actual deteriorative and negative side effects. But the consumption of natural nutritional juice kind of products, which are produced directly from natural resources, would certainly improve the health status of individual without any negative side effects. The result of this research study reveals the presence of large amount of antioxidants, which is significantly high (94.7%) and other nutritive factors such as vitamins, minerals, also proves the same.

S. Bhama
T. Karthikeyan
T. Ramesh
S. Gopinathan
American Journal of Food Technology