Development of Good Agricultural Practice Programs in New Zealand's Fruit Industries

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The New Zealand fruit sector has seen rapid uptake of integrated pest management (IPM) followed by integrated fruit production (IFP) then finally good agricultural practice (GAP) programs since the early 1990s. The kiwifruit sector's `KiwiGreen' program achieved complete adoption by 1997 while the apple IFP program became the minimum production standard by 2000. Both `KiwiGreen' and IFP led to marked reductions in agrochemical use, in the latter more than a 50% reduction in insecticide use and a 98% reduction in organophosphate insecticide use. These programs formed the basis of sector-wide EurepGAP implementation between 2002 and 2004 and have formed the basis of similar GAP initiatives in other sectors including stonefruits and wine grapes. This paper describes GAP development and benefits for the New Zealand fruit sector.

Jim T.S. Walker
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center