The Effect of Different MAP on Quality Retention of Fresh-Cut Nectarines

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The effects of low O2 and CO2 -enriched atmospheres associated to different packaging (traditional and compostable) on shelf life of fresh-cut peach were investigated. The low permeability of the film has a positive influence on weight loss and firmness as the less permeable film allowed a greater water retention, which caused a lower weight loss of the samples. The MAP reduced respiratory metabolism with positive effect on color, total soluble solids, titratable acidity, firmness and PPO activity, however the efficacy was different in the two cultivars considered. The comparison between films showed that biodegradable films can be a good alternative to the use of PE film, but the high permeability is a great limit. The use of MAP for short periods was positive, acting on the respiratory metabolism in all parameters considered.

M. Maghenzani
V. Chiabrando
G. Giacalone
International Food Research Journal