Effect of storage on sensory properties of fresh-cut cantaloupe varieties

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The sensory properties of fresh-cut fruit deteriorate before visual sensory properties. An appealing look that has lost its appealing flavor will not result in repeat purchases. The sensory attributes were characterized for 4 varieties of cantaloupes and monitored for change during storage using descriptive sensory analysis. The 4 varieties, Athena, Sol Real, Primo and Pacstart, were produced in 1999 and 2000. The melons were prepared and stored in rigid packaging. Variety significantly affected sweet aromatic, chemical, sweet, astringent, hardness, moisture release and surface wetness. Pacstart was lower in 'Fruity' and 'Sweet' intensity. At the ideal condition 4C, little change occurred during storage. Cucurbits, cohesiveness and surface wetness significantly changes during 7 days of storage. Sol Real and Pacstart were significantly harder than Athena and Primo. Sol Real decreased in hardness. Off-flavor development was minimal.

K.L. Bett-Garber
J.C. Beaulieu
D.A. Ingram
Journal of Food Quality